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Marina and Farm Services

Farms are near and dear to our hearts. Our office is located on the family farm, 120 acres of land used to grow corn and soybeans. Our office building stands on land that was once occupied by a barn. Farmers rely on their equipment, which in turn relies on good diesel fuel. 90% of damage to diesel engines is caused by particulate. We started out cleaning the diesel tanks of farmers and we still do.

We also service marinas – and our technicians down in Florida know that we will respond to fuel quality issues no matter the vehicles the fuel is destined for. Regardless of whether a boat runs off of gasoline or diesel, contamination issues are a serious concern. No boat owner wants to feel that the fuel they put in their engine is the culprit when they start seeing black smoke, lack of power, decreased acceleration or outright stalling.

Whether your fuel is for tractors or boats, Clean Fuels National can guarantee a fuel free of debris, particulates, contamination or microbial growth. Suspect your fuel supply might need a touch-up? Give us a call! We are always available, any day, any time.

Call Our Team, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year : 260-346-2500

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