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Fuel Quality Testing L.L.C. is the industry leader in complete fuel site inspections, ethanol and octane analysis. FQT offers UST/AST sampling, dispenser testing, preventative maintenance,complete tank and well inspection, remedial action,and is a national Biocide Distributor. FQT identifies fuel compliance issues in today’s rapidly changing Petroleum Industry. We offer on going consultation and will make appropriate recommendations on how you can correct and maintain a quality product.  Fuel Quality Testing also offers infrared octane  analysis, performed on location, in real time.

Originally founded in 2001 as Clean Fuels of Indiana, Clean Fuels National expanded nation wide and reincorporated in 2008. Clean Fuels National has expanded operations once again in 2012 and launched Fuel Quality Testing, L.L.C. as a separate division, focusing solely on fuel quality and fuel industry compliance issues.

Together, Fuel Quality Testing and Clean Fuels National are here to protect
and maintain your reputation as a quality fuel supplier.

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